Clinical supervision is a process through which a Qualified Supervisor provides training, oversight, and education to a clinical intern. Supervision often takes the form of regular meetings between the supervisor and supervisee to discuss details regarding session content, to develop and refine specific clinical skills, and to process difficult or stressful components of clinical training.

Supervision is an essential component of one’s professional development and is required for clinical licensure in the state of Florida.

Initial Licensing Requirements, Process, Fees, Statutes and Administrative Rules for a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern.

Initial Licensing Requirements, Process, Fees, Statutes and Administrative Rules for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Supervision for Florida Social Workers

In the state of Florida, masters level Social Workers seeking licensure are required to complete 1,500 supervised clinical hours in the span of no less than 2 years. This is a serious commitment and considerable thought and care needs to be taken to ensure that informed decisions are being made for your supervision.

Important things to consider when choosing a Supervisor: What is this clinician’s expertise? What are their clinical experiences? What model or approach to supervision does the clinician utilize? Read more about my experience and skills here.

Supervision with Drionne

I am a Qualified Supervisor for registered social work interns. My theoretical approach to supervision is a combination of developmental, cognitive behavioral and collaborative. This model primarily uses supervision as an evolutionary process. As you progress through supervision, this model supports development and growth of your skills, understanding and confidence as a clinician. We will work together to identify where you are in your work with clients, and I will provide feedback and support to assist with facilitating your progression through the stages of therapy with your clients.

Our work together will also involve identifying your needs as an intern, building on your strengths, developing your skills, confidence, professional identity, orientation and style. Topics we cover will include: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), experiences of transference and countertransference, documentation, self care, and other dynamics that may impact the therapeutic relationship. I believe that providing you with a supportive environment is essential to your ability to progress, and in addition to supporting your clinical practice development I will provide you with resources to assist with preparing for the ASWB exam. I also believe that it is my responsibility to hold you accountable for complying with ethical and legal expectations of care, and I will provide feedback to you on your clinical, ethical, and legal responsibilities as a clinician and as an intern. 

Upon deciding to engage in supervision with me, you will be provided a supervision contract which will detail expectations and goals of supervision. Meetings will be virtual, and the frequency of the meetings will be one (1) hour per week or two (2) hours bi-weekly.

Cost per session:

  • $70 for Individuals
  • $30 for Groups (two to six interns)

If you have questions or would like to initiate services, contact me here.